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Patent Attorney Seidel Gerlinde Seidel
Punkt Graduated Biologist
Punkt Graduated Computer Scientist (Institute of Technology)
Punkt Patent Attorney (Federal Republic of Germany)
Punkt European Patent and Trademark Attorney
1977 to 83 studied biology at the University of Hanover
1984 to 87 carried out research work at the German Cancer Research Institute, Heidelberg
1987 to 88 stayed abroad, including in Japan
1989 to 90 received advanced training as EDP expert at Control Data, Mannheim (data base and system programming)
1990 to 91 organized EDP in the company "3Glocken", Weinheim (responsible for development, system management, program management, and general operation)
1991 to 02 responsible for technical documentation, development, and consultation at SAP AG, Walldorf
1997 to 02 completed correspondence course in general computer science (Institute of Technology, Trier)
2002 to 05 training as patent attorney
Sept 2005 entered partnership as a patent attorney
since 2013 epi-Tutor for the European Qualification Examination

Patent Attorney Seidel represents clients in all proceedings before the German Patent and Mark Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Harmonization Office (OAMI) in Alicante.
Mrs. Seidel may furthermore act as representative in disputes concerning infringement of patents, utility models, marks, company symbols, and design patents out of court and as affiliate patent attorney before German Regional Courts and Higher Regional (Appeal) Courts.

Publication (German): Econo 05/2013

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